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Our Wines

The Barkan Winery has a wide range of varietal wines and blends, which all have one thing in common – they all have a story to tell. Whether it’s the Assemblage series that tells the story about the different wine-producing areas of Israel, or the Altitude Series that tells the story about how a single grape seed can produce completely different wines, when it is grown at different altitudes. The Barkan Winery team is very proud to tell each of these stories through our wines.

  • Superieur Series

    The Superieur Elite Series represents the principal of achievement for Barkan wine production.

  • Altitude Series

    The altitude of the vineyard where the grapes are grown is one of the main influential factors which affect the characteristics of the wine.

  • The Beta Series

    The Beta series is a prototype.

  • Special Reserve

    The greatest challenge for any winemaker is to choose the best growing region for each variety of wine.

  • platinum series

    During the yearly tasting panel, our winemakers discovered a small batch of unique Cabaret Sauvignon barrels with a different, exceptional and fine

  • Assemblage Series

    The Assemblage series offers a different outlook on regions where Israeli wines are produced.


    The gold edition of the Reserve series. Special edition of Unusual wines with unique character

  • Reserve Series

    A varietal wine series mostly made up of different wines from multiple vineyards.

  • Classic Series

    The Classic Series represents the culture and long-time tradition of wine making.

  • Premier Series

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