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Assemblage Series

The Assemblage series offers a different outlook on regions where Israeli wines are produced, by combining a number of seeds that represent the characteristics of the area they are produced in. Three types of wine blends can be found in this series, representing three different growth regions:  Eitan, Tzapit, and Reichan. Each wine has a unique taste, made from the seeds which represent the region which they come from.

  • Eitan

    An astonishing harmonized wine, with caressing tannin and a balanced, long finish.

  • Reichan

    A rich and vigorous wine, with a refreshing acidity which represents its cool growing area.

  • Tzafit

    A unique Mediterranean wine with an abundance of complex aromas and flavors, with a hint of chocolate, leather, coffee, and white pepper.

  • Reichan Cabernet Sauvignon

    An elegant, complex wine that proudly presents its outspoken character of the type of Cabernet Sauvignon that grows in the Upper Galilee

  • Almon

    The wine has a rich texture with a taste of citrus accompanied by a lemony scent with delicate hints of vanilla

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